Peter Morgan

The inadvertent art and wilful defacing of posters from the 2016 election in Ireland. Fifteen colour photographs and a short text on the politicians' ultimate nightmare.

16 pp, 150x150mm, stapled, edition of 101. A byways book, March 2016



Peter Morgan

what next

 At an exhibition of work I had curated, one of the artists asked me, What next? A dust jacket for a book I never made was my response. (Thank you Tom.)

103 x 147mm folded out to 357 x 147mm with french flaps. Numbered and signed edition of 57. November 2010



Peter Morgan

veniceA collage of photographs documenting the 53rd Venice Biennale. Four pages of text appropriated from the two exhibition catalogues:- a highly ambiguous statement. Why? Because.

A concertina book, 16pp 120 x160mm, folding out to 960 x 160mm, pbk, 10pp colour photographs, 4pp text. Edition of 350. A byways production. November 2009



Peter Morgan

driftDrift, the only form of subversion that doesn't reinforce the status quo.

4pp, 210 x 295 pamphlet, 3 images and statement. Edition of 101. A byways production, 2007